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The technical staff of Siovation has approximately 125 years of combined experience in product development, applications development and process engineering. Our unique combination of formal education, industrial experience, instrumentation, equipment and engineering expertise combines to provide our customers with a multitude of stock and custom solutions. Below is an outline of our capabilities:

  • Silicone chemistry as it relates to silica hydrophobizing, silicone copolymer synthesis and chemical/physical interactions with various application media, surfaces and systems.
  • Particle engineering and characterization spanning the range of 1 nanometer to 1,000 microns. On the characterization front, we utilize a combination of laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering and optical microscopy to determine the relative size and distribution of particles to establish the structure/property/behavior relationships needed to optimize performance in virtually every application that we encounter.
  • Colloidal stability analysis and optimization, enabled by the use of the Formulation Turbiscan┬« LAbExpert system. This tool, in addition to fundamental understanding of colloid stability physics, allows us to develop stable, or deliberately unstable, materials for a wide variety of systems. This tool is also often useful in the collaborative process of assessing the suitability of our products for use in customer formulations.
  • Foam system simulation for the purposes of antifoaming material selection and application optimization. In most instances, the optimal antifoaming material is system-specific and therefore application testing and/or simulation are an integral part of our development process. Often a paradoxical balance of system compatibility and incompatibility is needed to achieve foam control without detrimental effects.
  • Due to the multitude of functional materials used in the manufacture of our products and our exposure to a broad array of application systems, we possess a high level of aptitude in what we call multi-component system formulating. In addition to silicon-based materials, we regularly investigate and handle emulsifiers, wetting agents, hydrocolloids/thickeners, organic oils, colloidal additives, suspended particulates, biocides/preservatives, chelating agents, corrosion inhibitors, antistats and buffering agents. We firmly believe that formulating success is a skillful blend of science and art.
  • Often, our products must wet a surface, repel water from a surface or modify the properties of a surface in some manner. We frequently employ surface and interfacial analysis techniques, including measurement of static and dynamic contact angles, surface energy, surface tension and interfacial tension.
  • Our manufacturing cornerstone involves emulsion process engineering, including high shear methods, high pressure methods and emulsion polymerization. Appropriate capital assets at the bench and plant scales ensure rapid and repeatable scale-up results.

Most of our product development efforts that are centered on a customer-specific need pass through the following sequence of events:


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