Our Staff

Siovation organizes its staff into four basic functions: Sales & Marketing, Technology, Operations, and Finance & Administration. Siovation understands the importance of hiring good people and providing the support and resources they need to thrive in the workplace and help Siovation remain competitive globally.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing Team coordinates communication of our customers' purchasing and service needs, product requirements, development requests and pricing between our customers, the market and the various functions within Siovation. Sales & Marketing collaborates with the Technology, Operations and Customer Service Teams at Siovation to provide our customers with high quality products when the customer needs them. Meeting these objectives provides our customers with a dependable supplier that promotes long term relationships, stability and market success. Our philosophy: to provide the right product to meet our customers' needs and requirements at a fair price while supported by best-in-class service and quality.


The Technology Team is responsible for product development, technical service, application development, process engineering, capital project engineering, regulatory affairs and quality assurance. The technical resources at Siovation are routinely employed in a collaborative fashion with our Sales Team to firmly understand our customers’ needs. That understanding enables us to identify and/or develop the most appropriate material technology to address the challenges or requirements of each situation. Our technical capabilities have been acquired with a particular philosophy in mind: we will possess and skillfully operate the best tools available in the industry for solving problems at the intersection of silicones, surface modification and colloidal phenomena. As a Siovation customer, you will find that we are able to tackle some very challenging problems while maintaining the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit that fosters mutual success.


The Operations Team is responsible for customer service, product manufacturing, order processing and fulfillment, raw material procurement and sample processing.  The Operations Team functions in collaboration with the Sales and Technology Teams to ensure efficient and effective production and delivery of our customers' product needs.  As a Siovation customer, you can expect to receive the correct order, on time, every time.

Finance & Administration

The Finance Team is responsible for accounting, information technology, human resources, risk management and other administrative functions within Siovation.  We work with other Siovation functions to provide our customers with mutually beneficial solutions for services such as payment terms and inventory control.  In addition to working with customers, the team works with our Operations Team to coordinate the best possible terms with suppliers ensuring a consistent stream of quality inputs.  The team provides financial structure and control to the connection between Siovation's goals and vision and tangible results for our customers, employees and stakeholders.

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