Amber Chemical Group

Siovation is a member of Amber Chemical Group, an international specialty chemical group that develops diverse products for niche markets. Group members are located around the world providing extensive manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise to support each other in meeting local needs. Members of Amber benefit from the global resources while retaining their own identify and product focus.

Counting Siovation, there are five companies that compose Amber Chemical Group, including:

Amber Silicones

Tianjin, China

Amber Silicones (Tianjin) Co Ltd is a manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centre for the ACC Silicones group of companies in the Far East. It was established in early 2011 to supply and service the local market with a particular focus on supporting our international customers with manufacturing sites in the US, Europe and the Far East. It will focus on supplying products currently marketed by Quantum Silicones, ACC Silicones Europe and Siovation.

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ACC Silicones, Ltd.

Bridgwater, United Kingdom

ACC Silicones manufactures a wide range of silicone elastomers and provides technical support for all ACC silicone products supplied in Europe and the Middle East. They have access to a range of silicone adhesives, elastomers, fluids, emulsions and antifoams. ACC also provides a complimentary range of ACC Electro chemicals including service aids, cleaners and conformal coatings.

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Quantum Silicones, LLC

Richmond, VA

Quantum Silicones is a leading producer of specialty silicone products serving the electronics, mold-making and industrial markets. Quantum also provides custom formulation services to create unique solutions for customer's product challenges.

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Treco SRL

Milan, Italy

Treco SRL manufactures two-part Silicone elastomers with emulsions and antifoams. They provide technical support for ACC Silicones' products supplied throughout Europe and the Middle East. Treco SRL has access to a range of silicone adhesives, elastomers, fluids, emulsions and antifoams.

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