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To become a globally recognized producer and marketer of high-quality, innovative, silicone-based products.


Our mission is to meet or exceed customer expectations in product value and quality by continually improving our products and services through customer focus and innovation while operating with regard to safety, integrity and the environment.

Siovation - Listen. Create. Deliver.™

Siovation is owned by the UK-based Amber Chemical Company, Ltd,

a Group of specialty chemical companies focused on the industrial consumable maintenance and repair markets, silicone-based compounding and automotive aftercare products. Learn more »

Siovation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified formulator of specialty silicone-based fluids, emulsions and foam control agents. Solutions are supplied, primarily as process aids, for a variety of end-use products in numerous markets including food processing, water treatment, personal care, HI&I, agriculture and chemical processing. Siovation has a strong reputation for producing quality products, providing excellent customer service and employing top quality personnel. Click here to download a copy of our ISO 9001:2008 certification letter from NSF.

Our formulation expertise, innovative team approach and technical partnerships provide the flexibility needed to create solutions for emerging market demands. We believe that by listening to our customers, creating appropriate solutions and delivering high quality products, our company will continue to exceed customer expectations.

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Our unique combination of engineering expertise, industrial experience, instrumentation and equipment combines to provide our customers with a multitude of stock and custom solutions. Find out more about our custom formulations.